The Gift of Vulnerability

We all feel that there’s something about us that if other people knew it –that we’re not good enough, that we’re ashamed, that we’re too fat … well, we’d be lost. So we work and work to be the people we think we “should be,” and avoid acknowledging the real truths like the plague!

It seems terrifying to open up such a Pandora’s box, for sure. And yet, studies have found that people who live and love with a whole heart have the courage to show up and be seen, to let go of who they think they “should be” and acknowledge who they are. Even though sometimes that makes them feel vulnerable.

When we share our stories with each other, telling both where we’re strong and where we’re broken–both of us, speaker and listener, know we’re not alone. The deepest level of connection is the experience of awe in the presence of another.

SoulJazz offers a way to re-envision and practice being vulnerable as a gateway to authenticity and connection.