Life Satisfaction Checkup

Introduction .

This Life Satisfaction Checkup is designed to get you thinking about your own life and how its going in hopes that it will help you become more satisfied with it, more fulfilled, more heart-happy.

It goes from general questions to ones about your relationships. Why? Folks who are most fully satisfied with their lives have one thing in common, according to Sociologist Brene Brown. They have really rich relationships. And, she found, the key to creating such relationships is that they were all willing and able to go to some depths with others, show their true selves; they choose to sometimes make themselves vulnerable, This is our checkup's orienting principle.

No one will see your answers. Honest, even if you write something in a text box, no one will see it but you. So feel free to tell yourself the real truth about what you feel, who you are. The checkup works best if you do. After you're done, we will give you a little feedback -- which is based on an algorithm we designed -- and offer you some insights about what might help you bring a bit more depth and fulfillment into your everyday life and a few short reflections. When you are finished you'll receive an email with your answers. You might use it as a kind of mirror, or if you save it, a kind of time capsule of where you are just now. Or of course you might just toss it. You will also be able to download a beautiful, free ebook that contains principles of finding more fulfillment in your life.

OK, ready?


How often are you satisfied with your life?

Do you believe it's possible to intentionally increase the amount of satisfaction you have?

Satisfaction with life probably has to do with lots of things. But if I was to pick one, the single most important of these for me would be:

If I want to increase the amount of satisfaction with my life, the key thing or things that I need to do is

I have worked with a psychotherapist, marriage counselor or some sort of mental health worker.

                MY RELATIONSHIPS

I have relationships that are important to me with:

There are billions of people in the world. I believe that of all these people there is:

Relationship means a lot of things, but to me it primarily means:

When it comes to resolving problems that come up in my relationships

The key to developing better relationships is


When I connect with someone this connection is generally

I would like to connect with people more deeply than I currently do

Do you believe you can intentionally help bring about deeper connections with people?

When I want to connect with someone, my general pattern is to:

When someone starts to confide in me, or shows an interest in my own feelings or drives, my tendency is to

                DROPPING DOWN

Sometimes conversations “drop down” into surprising levels of truth and self-discovery. About how many such conversations or connections have you been part of?

In conversations that touch on something that one or the other of us is struggling with, typically:

After I have had conversations that drop into surprising depth with someone, typically:

The idea that I'd make myself more transparent ...:

Telling others the “real truth” about me, and making myself vulnerable...


If you were to sing a song that expresses what you really want from your relationship(s) what would it be? Name it or write a few lines here



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